Babscon!  Its coming up in just days!  Here’s another of the autograph pics I made for the show cast and crew, this time everyone’s favorite  Fashionista and Princess of the Night Tabitha St Germain!  

Like all the other amazing VAs on FIM, Tabitha is the voice behind many many characters, both on ponies and beyond.  Check them out here and be amazed!  Why didn’t I include them all?  Cause I had 19 of these cards to put together in 2 weeks!  There’s not enough Red Bull on the Eastern Seaboard for that!

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Nonsense. Neat things moderately soon.

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Last still. I might be getting more not-busy time next week.

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I had a lot of asks over the 13th panel and had to bite my tongue for all of yesterday. By now it’s been figured out or decompiled so here’s the explanation anyway along with a bigger still and neat things below.

It plays anytime between 2am - 3am local time. You can change your computer time to speed it up.

The other way is to click the panels on Pinkie’s page to get to the puzzle page. Set the clock to 3, click on the butterfly twice then on the roman numeral 2. Solve the jigsaw upside-down and the 13th panel will play.

The solution above is on the wall.


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Octavia commission for djlysn.

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acyart asked: Teach me how to art?


Sure thing.

Step 01 : Shut up and draw.

   - Don’t whine about other artists being better, more popular, etc etc. Don’t whine about not being good enough. Don’t worry about popularity or money or any of that shit. They’re awesome, but wont help you draw any better. (If you enjoy what you’re drawing and do it well odds are good they’ll happen on their own.) Don’t fall victim to distractions and “easy outs” or “I don’t feel it” moods. Take a break, walk around, stretch, get a drink, clear your head, then shut up and draw.

Step 02 : Never stop. Ever.

   - Do it every day. Practice constantly. Make it your obsession. Draw what you see, what you know, what you like. Try new techniques. Look at how artists you like do things, emulate it, then twist it into your own version. Make sure your style is yours and not a carbon copy of someone else. Carry a sketchbook with you to work, school, everywhere. Draw when you wake up. Draw when you’re tired. Draw when you’re bored. Want to play a video games? Draw instead. Draw when you should be doing something else. Draw. Draw. Draw. Never stop. Ever.

Do that for a few years and you’re golden. There is no trick or magic spell that can make you draw exactly like you want right now. Artists are like Saiyans, every fight makes them stronger. Every picture makes us better.

Go draw.

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Diva by Kaliptro2

classic kaliptro art

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